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Product Description

EngineYanmar 380
Rated power20-25HP
Calibration speed2500-3000rpm
Intake methodNatural
Emission StandardEuro 5/EPA
Rated load350kg
Max. load480kg
Max. rising force450KN
Bucket volume0.12m³
Walking speed0-6km/h
Working system pressure17-21bar
Fuel tank volume13L
Operating weight1200kg
Max. operating height2450mm
To bucket pin height1870mm
Overall height1350mm
Bucket horizontal maximum height1810mm
Total length without accessories1680mm
Overall length with standard bucket2206mm
Max. height unloading angle34°
Unloading height1510mm
Unloading distance450mm
The flip angle of the bucket on the ground27°
Bucket flip angle at highest114°
Ground clearance150mm
Tail length280mm
Wheel base (standard tires)720mm
Total width (standard tires)1000mm
Bucket width1000mm

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