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Product Description

Operating load(kg)3805007008501100
Max Speed(km/h)7.81012129\18
Rated flux(L/min)606062.57575
High Flow Flux (L/min)////140
Tire(track) model570x168.5-1510-16.512-16.512-16.5
Rated power (Kw)18.237374574
Fuel tank capacity (L)4060708090
self weight bucket (kg)13702300270028003550
Bucket capacity (m³)
Overall operating height (mm)35903300398040004070
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm)26702725308031003280
Height to top of cab (mm)18202000214021602160
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm)23802558291329333140
Without bucket length(mm)19452300264027502880
Overall length with bucket(mm)25802950342034903580
Dumping angle at maximum height(° )4040404040
Dumping height(mm)18202050238024002500
Dumping reach(mm)450790700750700
Rollback o bucket on ground(° )3030303030
Rollback of bucket at full height(° )104104104104104
Ground clearance(mm)125140185205205
Angle of departure(° )2220202020
Front turning radius without bucket(mm)9711098116811981278
Front tuning radius(mm)17301760195819582144
Rear tuning radius(mm)10101296163017281857
Rear axle to bumper (mm)610964110812081082
Tread width (mm)7601080145015001500
Width (mm)9001350172018801880
Bucket width (mm)9001400174018801880

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